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One Roof:  A Community Within the Community

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Since taking ownership of our current facility and property we have been working to build a multi-purpose building which both serves as a refuge for those following or exploring what it means to follow Jesus in a faith community as well as a hub of activity that serves the wider community through the offering of a variety of activities and services which promote and provide holistic health and wellness for all ages.
On any given day 100+ people benefit from the use of the facility and we have successfully built a multi-functional facility working synergistically with community groups to add real and lasting value to Valley East under our 'One Roof'.
The hope is that Valleyview Community Church/Centre will continue to exist and operate for many more years providing both spiritual care and practical activities and services to our neighbours.  To do so requires the ongoing maintenance and improvements to our facility and property to ensure continued effectiveness in everything we offer the community.
Our biggest improvement project we are working towards is the resurfacing and reinsulating of 60% of our flat roof.  We have been raising funds with the intent of fixing the roof in order to continue to provide the many services and activities offered to the community under our 'One Roof'.
If you have seen the value in what Valleyview Community Church/Centre is offering to the community, we would love to partner with you in our 'One Roof Campaign'.  If you would like to make a donation of any amount to support the project you can do so by cheque made payable to 'Valleyview Community Church' (mark 'One Roof' to specify donation for roof project).  All donations are tax receiptable and we appreciate the support as we work together to care for our community.

Community Partners 

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Gymzone Gymnastics

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Korean Martial Arts

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Body Balance Studio 

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Sasha Rioux Massage

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Lalal's Esthetics

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Father's Heart Footcare

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Kindermusik with Dione


Tremblay Brown Photography

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La Gang a Popa 

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