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Showdown in the Wilderness

The wilderness motif runs deep throughout Scripture in both the Old and      New Testament.  The wilderness is a place of both great challenge and disillusionment, as well as place of transformation and provision from God.


In this three week series we take a look at Jesus encounter with challenge and temptation in the wilderness.  In this story we are reminded of what Jesus kingdom and power look like and the ways in which both he and we can be tempted to chase forms of power, fame and success that are incompatible with God's kingdom.  Also we can take comfort in our own 'wilderness' experiences knowing that Jesus too experienced such experiences, which although traumatic can be the very places of great formation and transformation.

Wilderness Wisdom January 12, 2014

Wilderness Wisdom - Jason Tripp
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Shake Him Off

January 19, 2014

Shake Him Off - Jason Tripp
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Stay Alert

January 26, 2014

Stay Alert - Jason Tripp
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