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Summer of Wonder

July & August 2015



Wonder is an important part of the journey of life and faith, whether it is those moments that cause you to stand in awe and wonder or other moments which cause you to scratch your head in wonder.


This summer we are focusing on a variety of themes which cause us to both 'Wonder!' and 'Wonder?' as we engage a different 'Wonder' theme or question submitted from someone in the faith community, as we launch into our 'Summer of Wonder?!'

I Wonder About Predestination, 

Free Will & Romans 9?! 

July 5 - Greg Boyd

If God has given us free will and desires all to be saved

(2 Pet. 3:9) how do we interpret passages of Scripture such as Romans 9 which have often been used to support the idea that God predetermines the eternal salvation/damnation of individuals?


(Note:  This week we shared a message from Greg Boyd, pastor of Woodland Hills Church which addresses the themes of predestination, free will and understanding Romans 9)

I Wonder About Baptism?!

July 26 

What is the meaning and importance of baptism?


Is baptism necessary for salvation?


How important is the mode of baptism (full immersion vs. sprinkling)?


Why do we as Free Methodists baptize both infants and adults?


After the service we will have a baptism ceremony and picnic lunch at Whitson Lake

July 26, 2015 - Jason Tripp
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If God knows all our needs why are we asked to pray?


Why does God ask us to partner with Him in prayer?


How can we maximize God's will in our life and in the lives of others through prayer?


How can my one prayer make a difference in the lives of the persecuted in other countries?


How important is it to pray for the Jewish nation? 

I am in Wonder at the Mystery

& Efficacy of Prayer?!

July 12 


July 12, 2015 - Jason Tripp
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I Wonder About Salvation?!

July 19 

Regardless of how much more reasonable the bible is to western societies to believe as Gods’ Word than any other book, people are still going to believe in other books as long as it’s part of their upbringing and culture to do so.


Does this not mean that those people cannot be saved?


Isn’t this what all “born-again” people believe?


Doesn’t this mean that these unfortunate people who constitute the vast majority of the world are in fact going to be sent to hell by an all loving god?


But how can this be, since they had nothing to do with when they were born, where they were born, what culture they were born into, and even who they were born as!

I Wonder About God's Justice & Wrath?!

August 2 

We are traditionally taught that God's wrath/anger and justice are closely linked. (i.e. God's justice is expressed through his wrath on the sinful)


How do we justify that picture with verses like Jeremiah 10:24? "Correct me, O LORD, but with justice; not with your anger, or you will bring me to nothing." (Jer. 10:24)


If God’s essential nature is love, how are we to understand the biblical idea of ‘the wrath of God’?

August 2, 2015 - Jason Tripp
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Special Guests: Ben & Stacey Horner

"Freedom Climb"

August 9 

Ben & Stacey Horner are friends of Valleyview Community Church.  Earlier this year they embarked on a grueling climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of the Freedom Climb, a global initiative to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking around the globe.


We thought it would be great to have Ben & Stacey back at Valleyview to share their experiences from the Freedom Climb that Valleyview supported.

I am in Wonder at the Beauty & Complexity of Creation?!

August 16 

One new thing that I learned more about recently is the fine tuning of the universe. It's pretty darn amazing how many different things have to be at just the right constants in order for our universe to exist in the form that it does, and in order for the Earth to support life. I stand in awe and wonder, and it makes me feel still and quiet inside when I try to contemplate the vastness of it all!

I am in Wonder at the Complexity of the Human Brain?!

August 23 

What is the relationship between neurology & theology?


How does one’s conception of God affect one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health?

I Wonder About the Future of the Church?!

August 30 

How has our culture and the church changed in the past 50 years?


What are the reasons for church decline in North America with so many people leaving the church?


How will the church be used by God in our post-Christendom world? What will be the church my children and grandchildren inherit?

Summer of Wonder?! - Q & A

September 6 

We know that questions related to the previous topics may arise.  Also we received more questions than we were able to address when we were planning this series.


This week as we wrap our Summer of Wonder series we will have an open Q & A time which will allow us to continue to dialogue and discuss any further questions anyone has.


As they arise, questions can be emailed to in preparation for this week.

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