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Sunday Gathering



While we don't believe the church is a building or an event, we do recognize the value of gathering together weekly as a family for the purpose of celebrating together the goodness and love of Jesus.


We gather every Sunday morning from 10:00-11:30am for our weekly gatherings.  A typical Sunday gathering includes some music, prayer, Scripture reading and teaching that is relational and applicable for our everyday lives on the journey of life and faith.  Everything in the service leads to the table where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus during communion each week.


Believers, seekers and skeptics alike are all welcome to join us for our Sunday gatherings. For those with young children we offer both nursery and children church programming for ages 0-10 years old.


The first Sunday of every month we call our 'All Together Sundays' as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus and the life he offers us by sharing a meal beginning with the Lord's Supper and then continuing as we share a full lunch meal together.

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